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How Brady got his groove back…financially!

Hello everybody!

Today’s topic will not be about anything LGBTQIA. The only thing relating to the subject is the person this is about. Me. My apologies if this disappoints you.

This week, I did something that ended a chapter of my life that I have been struggling with for many years…I paid off my student loans. As excited and satisfied as I am to put such a damaging experience behind me, I wanted to take a moment and briefly stroll down memory lane and explain to you why this has been an experience that I will never want to endure again.

I was a senior in high school and still needed to solidify a path that I wanted to take with my life. I grew up in a generation where our educators and elders had drilled it into our heads that “If you don’t go to college, you will not be successful,” or “You will end up flipping burgers for the rest of your life if you don’t go to college!”. Falling into the pressures of society, and for personal accomplishment, I was dedicated to getting a college degree. I struggled with the idea of either writing, teaching, or fashion design. After many sleepless nights, I went with my heart and decided to go for fashion design. The next step after that was to figure out where I was going to go. Growing up in a small town that, at the time, did not embrace a slightly feminine and creative person like me. I’m not going to go into full details of the torment I experienced since that is not the topic’s focus. But, I wanted to get as far away as I could. However, I am very close to my mother and siblings; I couldn’t leave them behind and go to another side of the country. I didn’t think that it would be a healthy transition for them or myself. I decided to go to school at a university that was roughly three and a half hours away. Being far away from my hometown to start fresh, but close enough to come home if I’m needed or if I needed them.

I had a great first year of school, especially since this was the year I finally came out of the closet and chose to live my fullest life as my authentic self. I was enjoying my classes and met some fantastic people that I valued deeply. But, of course, with every experience comes the fine print of the contract. That, I’m talking about student loans. Being an out of state student that was minutes from the border in a state that didn’t offer reciprocity, I was responsible for paying roughly $30,000 in tuition and costs.

Luckily(to some extent), I had work-study that paid for a decent chunk of the costs where I worked at a bowling alley on campus, which was tons of fun! I also had over half of my tuition covered by grants. I still had my fair share of federal student loans though. One loan that I had that was my demise was a parent PLUS loan that my mother had to sign for me to finish off my costs. My mom signed the first year of the loans, which I believe equaled to about $4,000. I’m not sure of the charges since it was the first loan that I decided to pay off many years ago. My mom was apprehensive to sign the loan, to begin with, with her credit being affected and unable to make payments while I was in school. She ended up signing for it to help cover the remainder of my costs.

In the second year of college, I was eager to get back. I dealt with a traumatizing summer living back in my hometown where, long story short, I was treated even worse than I ever had been as an out gay person. I packed all of my belongings and canceled my dorm contract for the year, and just signed a lease with a friend for an apartment so that I could stay yearly. My sophomore year was not the best year for me. I had more challenging classes that I managed to pass by the skin of my teeth. I was sick the entire first semester and was burned out and stressed trying to figure out how to adapt to a fully responsible life in renting an apartment for the first time. By the time it was a couple of weeks before finals, I had noticed that I was still short $8,000 on my tuition bill. Being too distracted with my semester of 21 credits and working while sick, I didn’t realize it. I looked up the loan issue and found out that my mother didn’t want to sign for another year of student loans, especially with an amount that practically doubled in cost for one semester alone. After discussing with her, she didn’t feel comfortable adding that amount of debt to her credit and wanted to stop signing the loan and adding more money to her debt.

Am I upset? Not in the least. I understand that loans are a huge undertaking, and trusting in somebody else to pay them off for you would make me apprehensive. If the shoe was on the other foot, I would have the same reservations. To this date, I never held that against my mother.

Unfortunately, I had two weeks to find somebody to cosign this loan. Of course, nobody wanted to. I also didn’t know the other options at the time, being only nineteen and not aware of the financial end of college. Due to the inability to fund my spring semester, I had no other choice but to drop out of college and move back to my hometown.

I was devastated that my educational journey was pulled away from me. I come from a humble, blue-collared family, where we work very hard for everything. I busted my butt in college and was even on track to graduate a year early. Some classmates took their experience for granted and partied the entire time, and didn’t care about failing classes since their parents were paying for it. With my frustration towards myself and these ungrateful people I knew, I fell into a deep depression. I became irresponsible with saving the money I earned working a minimum wage job at the place I worked at in high school. I wasn’t paying my bills and eventually started couch surfing until I moved back to my college town since there were more employment options, and I knew the area well. I also didn’t want to deal with daily ridicule from the closed minded comments I heard every day. Yes, you read that right…I moved from my hometown to my college town three times! I knew it was a crazy idea, but it was the only shot I had at the time.

I lived in my college town for an additional three years. I worked more minimum wage jobs in foodservice and retail while couch surfing for the first year until I had my own apartment with a friend. Through that experience, I met some fantastic people in my jobs that I still consider as family. I didn’t have a car or a driver’s license, so I spent all but a week or two with these people. I couldn’t make it home for the holidays, so I spent it with them. I felt like I had the social experience that I couldn’t allow myself to have in college. I would party and have a good time with people who fully embraced me as who I am. Unfortunately, there was a price for this.

As much fun as I had with my friends, my depression dug me deeper into a point of no return. Partying turned into excessive drug usage and drinking. I also was receiving threatening phone calls multiple times a day from debt collectors, where they yelled and threatened me, even at work. On top of it, I was still not paying a dime on my loans. I would only send the bare minimum to my mother on her loan if I had any leftovers from my habits on my minimum wage salary. I also wasn’t paying my rent on time and relied on the kindness of others to carry me through the expenses. Long story short, my drug habits got me into deep trouble. I ended up eventually homeless, to the point where I slept in a park for a couple of days. Let me tell you, nothing is more diminishing than sleeping in a slide to protect yourself from the cold rain.

Eventually, I saw myself for who I was—a leech. Feeling ashamed for the habits that I allowed myself to integrate into my life, I decided to move back home. My mom picked me up and moved me back. At this point, I had very little to my name and was physically emaciated from eating little and sleeping minimally. I only stayed with her for a short period to rest and eat up before moving to a bigger town conveniently closer to family, but had options for employment. I chose to move out of home quickly to prove to myself that I could do this, this time without roommates or friends to carry me. I needed the redemption in knowing that I could be the responsible person I was before I allowed myself to become complacent and develop horrible habits. I worked in retail, sometimes even a second job, finally started chipping away at my mom’s loan, eventually paying it off within two or so years. I was glad to pay her loan off and no longer burden her with my debt that I was irresponsible with managing. Shortly after, I received a final notice in the mail. My $8,000 that was supposed to be signed by my mom was turned into unpaid tuition that eventually went into collections, and over the past six years with interest has grown into $15,000. Not knowing my rights as a borrower and still allowing them to take advantage of me, I made arrangements for a payment plan. It was a ridiculously high amount, but at this time, I was living with my husband, and I didn’t feel like I was alone with the bills. I also found a better job that paid much more and it wasn’t in retail. I also enlisted the help of a credit counselor who assisted with breaking down finances and my rights as a borrower, so I knew what the debt collectors could and couldn’t get away with. I was able to be knowledgeable with how they can talk to me, and stopped them from the harassment once and for all. I paid the minimum amount and saved every penny, paying off that debt off within two years. I celebrated that victory by getting our cat. That celebration was short-lived since I had received yet, another notice about all of the other loans that I had taken out that I haven’t even started paying. It was another $11,000. Luckily, with my taxes being garnished for the past nine years, I had it whittled down to $7,000. I worked hard at paying that amount off next.

And that’s where I stand here today!

The reason why I wanted to bring this topic up is for a few reasons. Yes, it’s a harsh burden on everybody when they take out loans. These loans almost killed me at some point. As much as I take full responsibility for my actions with my addictions, I think my journey wouldn’t have spiraled as far out of control with them threatening me every day. I have been off drugs for many years and haven’t had a drop of alcohol for two years, so to finally detoxify the one thing from my twenties held me back is a very gratifying experience.

I also want to express gratitude for everybody who has put up with my irresponsible self. In particular, my mom is one hell of a lady for tolerating my moving as I struggled and my neglect for paying her loan off. The one thing that I appreciate in my mom and something that most parents should have is the ability to love their child unconditionally, no matter how much she may have not agreed with my decisions. Not only did she do that, but she motivated me to be better. She didn’t hold my hand and enable my habits. She was tough when she needed to be and supportive when she had to. It was a perfect balance so that I didn’t take advantage of her, and she didn’t leave me completely in the dark. She didn’t have to be supportive…she chose it. And, for that, I am forever thankful. We may disagree on certain aspects of life, and we may argue. But by the end of the day, I love and value the qualities she expressed during my dark times. I am also grateful for my husband, who believed in me through this process even when I didn’t believe in myself at times.

I also want to send a message to any kids that are reading this and are considering college. Even if you want to pack up and get away to a faraway place, weigh out your financial options. Go to a community college to cheapen your bills and not take out an arm and a leg for your general education credits, and THEN transfer to where you want to go and pay the big bucks for the credits toward your major. Also, if you don’t know what you want to do with your life, don’t go to college right away then! The cost of college has sky rocketed even since I went to college twelve years ago. Don’t waste your money on something that your heart is not fully invested in. I also support the idea of going to college later in life. You have some time to find yourself and figure out what you want to do, and financially you are more aware of the risks of failing a class. Thus, taking college more seriously. You are also more knowledge in reading the fine print of student loans, instead of blindly signing the contract at eighteen not knowing a damn thing about it. Also, don’t listen to society’s standards for advancing your education. Only do it if you want to or if the career path you want requires it.

If you are struggling with your finances, just know that there will be a day that the misery will end. Your hard work will pay off if you work hard and believe that you can do it. I’m not saying that it will be easy. It will be worth it when you look back and realize that you just climbed one of the biggest and most challenging mountains of your life! Don’t be overwhelmed like I was and neglect it either. It will only make you fall into a deeper hole that will only be a worse situation to overcome.

I am very proud of the journey that I took that got me here. Based on my story that you just read, you would assume that I would have regrets…but I don’t. I wouldn’t be as wise as I am and as resilient as I have become without these extremely tough moments. It really does take for somebody to hit rock bottom to motivate them to become the best version of themselves. Losing everything makes you know how far you’ve come and where you never want to end up again. Just remember that in most challenges you face in your life, you are your own problem…and your solution.

Movie Beatdown-Happy Death Day

This is a new section of the blog that will be Movie beatdown! We will talk all things with horror movies and television. We will cover everything from slashers to slayers. Beheadings to bitches…I’ll talk about all of it!

This breakdown is “Happy Death Day”. Now, the purpose of the beatdown is to dissect these movies, so if you don’t want the movie spoiled…don’t read the content below. This breakdown is like Wikipedia…just with more pee. You have been warned! If you don’t have time to watch the movie and would like a quick synopsis, then keep reading and let me tell you all about this movie from my gay eyes. It’s like a synop-sis!

Happy Death Day is a 2017 American black comedy slasher film directed by Christopher Landon, and written by Scott Lobdell. It stars Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard. The film was produced by Jason Blum through his Blumhouse Productions banner, in association with Digital Riot Media and Vesuvius Productions. It follows a college student who is murdered on her birthday and begins reliving the day repeatedly, at which point she sets out to find the killer and stop her death.

Without further ado…let’s get to the beatdown!

After a night of drunken partying, university student Theresa “Tree” Gelbman wakes up on her birthday in the dorm room of classmate Carter Davis. What kind of a nickname is Tree? I think that it is the weirdest nickname for anybody to allow themselves to be called (no offense to anybody who uses that name. I’m sure you are lovely people!). Tree is played by Jessica Rothe. She ignores a phone call from her father and dismisses Carter, whose dorm room she wakes up in before returning to her house.

Happy Death Day': Review | Reviews | Screen

She gets halted by his roommate on the way out of Carter’s dorm, and then a global warming tree hugger who is trying to get signatures on her petition, a group of douchey fraternity boys and a couple getting interrupted by a sprinkler system. She runs into a muscle jock named Tim, who questioned why he never called her after their date. Another giggle moment, because she calls him out for taking her to Subway and uses the lack of a footlong reference to her bad time. Now, not to be weird, but to be weird…I would LOVE to go to Subway for a date. BMT please! Extra MEAT! She makes it back to the house, stopped by the house lead, Danielle, which by the way, is hilarious with her witty sass and over the top sorority stereotype portrayal. Her sorority housemate Lori Spengler, who she treats like doodoo gives her a cupcake, which she throws away. She meets up with the sisters later to discuss their weekly notes. Danielle steals the scene again with harassing one of the average sized sisters eating a full meal. “What is breakfast?!” is one of the funniest lines in the movie!

danielle bouseman | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

I’m sure her normal diet consisted of cotton balls and water. Tree meets with her married professor, Gregory Butler, with whom she is having an affair…lucky! He is such a drool! Their affair was quickly interrupted by his wife who appears to have a hunch about their canoodling. That night, on her way to a party, Tree is lured into a tunnel and murdered by a figure wearing a mask of the school mascot of a baby face. Now, what kind of money robbing educational establishment uses a baby as a mascot?! WTF?! At least be a toddler! They have the excuse of terrible twos!

Happy Death Day Shot An Original Ending That Made Test Audiences Furious -  CINEMABLEND

Tree immediately wakes up back in Carter’s bed and is unnerved to find the previous day’s events repeating themselves. She goes through the day feeling deja vu from every encounter that happened in the previous day. Baffled, and worried about any sort of repetition to occur, she avoids the tunnel and reaching the party later that evening. What kind of sisters let somebody walk to a party alone? Bitches! Not friends to me! She makes it to the party and gets startled by a man in the baby mask and punches him in terror, soon to find out that it was a surprise party for her birthday. Feeling awkward, Danielle breaks the silence and starts the party. “Don’t mess with a Kappa bitch!”…I freakin’ love this girl! I want to party with her!

CrescentSkull Cinema on Twitter: ""Poisoning a cupcake? Really? We're  Kappas. We don't eat cupcakes.” ~ Danielle Bouseman, "Happy Death Day"  (2017)… "

Later at the party, Tree is lured into the bedroom of a creep to make the evening more fun. This room is stereotypical douchebag dorm room that he refers to ‘the pleasure dome’. Horrible! Black and lava lights with disco balls and heavy bass music. How do you even sleep in this room? Oh, that’s right…roofies! Since he got them! The masked killer follows her and kills the guy while her back is turned and eventually attacks Tree. She struggles before being interrupted by a drunken frat brother. Of course, the brother ignores Tree’s cry for help and cheers on what appeared to be a hookup…totally typical frat move to encourage rape! Gross! The killer murders her again with a broken bong. Tree again wakes up in Carter’s bed, realizes she is in a time loop, being weirded out by the same repetition of the past two days’ events. She is frazzled getting home and tries to tell her roommate about reliving the same events. Lori, naturally doesn’t believe her. She probably wants to have what Tree is having…I know I do! Tree decides to skip out on the party barricades herself in her room to avoid death. She has a sad moment looking at an old picture of her deceased mother, before sitting back and avoiding her upcoming death. She finds a birthday card with the baby face inside (again, who is making all of this baby face memorabilia?!). She has a feeling that she is not alone. Eventually, the killer was revealed to be hiding inside the entire time, murders her a third time by stabbing her as she tried to escape through her barricade.

Happy Death Day Kills the Competition | MovieBabble

Back in Carter’s bed, Tree awakens yet again screaming. I’m sure Carter was glad that she didn’t hookup with her crazy ass! She panics as she runs back home frantically, once again reliving the same events from the past days, and eventually gets calmed down by Carter. She tells him her experiences and he is dumbstruck. “Would you please stop looking at me like I took a dump on your mom’s head!” is how she responds. LOL! That line is what I tell people all the time when they look at me weird…believe it or not! Tree convinces him of her predicament by demonstrating her knowledge of the day’s events. Tree admits to harboring tremendous self-loathing, particularly from pushing away her father after the death of her mother three years ago. She breaks down the possible suspects of Danielle, Tim, and multiple people that she has disrespected over the years…including a girl at TJMaxx that she got fired and an Uber driver she spit on…LOL! Carter also admits to Tree that they never hooked up causing a warm and fuzzy! Awww. They create the plan to continue to die as she narrows down the suspects to follow them with each cycle. She discovered that Tim is gay as she witnesses him enjoying some gay porn. Now, I really AM craving Subway! She dies as she feels happy for him. She follows Stephanie, knowing that she was innocent, and not present before being drowned by the killer. The next day, she finds a birthday card in Danielle’s bag as they walk and fights her before they both get ran over by a bus. At this point she says, “screw it!” and does whatever she wants and walks naked through campus…I would too! After another death with a baseball bat to the head, she awakens not feeling like anything is getting accomplished and starts to feel the physical effects of her deaths and passes out.

Gregory Butler (second dimension) | Happy Death Day Wiki | Fandom

She awakens in a hospital to find out from Dr. Gregory Butler that she has inflicted injuries that should’ve killed her. Tree realizes out that the days may reset with every death, but the physical trauma has not. Tree finds a way to escape by convincing doctor hot stuff to get her a soda. Personally, I would’ve asked for more than that! She rummages through his office to find keys to escape and stumbles upon the baby mask in his desk. Role playing, maybe? Eventually, the babyface killer (I can’t believe I am calling him that!) kills Greg, eliminating him as a suspect, and chases Tree to the parking garage as she tries to find his car to escape. She eventually drives away from the killer, feeling accomplished that she survived her timely death. She soon gets pulled over by police, telling them that she is drunk and, on every drug imaginable in order for her to taken into custody and safely taken away from babyface. She gets escorted into the vehicle and before the officer goes inside, the killer runs him over and causes a gas leak and throws a birthday candle onto the gas to cause the car to explode. 2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor [P71] in "Happy  Death Day, 2017"

She wakes up the next day still not caring about anything, takes Carter out for dinner…even farts loudly in public. She just knows a way to my heart! While conversing, Tree sees a local news report on John Tombs, a serial killer being held at the campus hospital. Concluding that Tombs is her killer, Tree rushes to the hospital to warn of his escape and forcing Carter to pay for the tab. Typical. Tombs breaks free and nearly kills Tree, but Carter follows and rescues her like a chivalrous dummy. Tombs kills Carter before chasing Tree to a nearby bell tower, where she subdues him with a crowbar. Realizing that Carter will remain dead if she ends the loop, Tree hangs herself. Can I just state for the record that Tombs looks EXACTLY like somebody I dated…I miss him. I wonder what he is up to nowadays.

John Tombs (first dimension) | Happy Death Day Wiki | Fandom

She awakens in Carter’s dorm room and finds him alive again. Now confident in solving her murder, Tree proceeds happily through the day as a changed woman. She signs the damn petition, warns the people of the sprinkler, and even saved a tired frat boy from passing out…what a saint! She runs into Tim and encourages him that is okay to be gay (YAY!). Tree apologizes to Lori for being a horrible roommate and stands up to Danielle for being awful to her housemates, and pours chocolate milk on her head, serving slime time realness! She ends her affair with Dr. Butler to allow him to move onto bigger and better things…me! Not really, his wife, silly! She then meets her father for lunch, where the two begin to reconcile. She expresses regret for distancing herself from her father after her mother died, causing a warm and fuzzy moment. That night, she goes to the hospital all decked out in her Lara Croft fantasy, looking badass. She eventually traps and kills Tombs after being chased around the hospital. Relieved to finally be free, she celebrates her birthday in Carter’s room and eats the cupcake Lori gave her, which has WAY too much frosting on it if you ask me!

Horror-comedy 'Happy Death Day' reasonably kills it with 'Groundhog Day'  formula | Movie review | Entertainment |

Tree wakes up still in the loop. Horrified, she gives up on her pursuit to solve her murders and returns to her room with the intent to run away, where Lori offers her the cupcake again. Tree realizes the previous loop was the only time she had ever eaten the cupcake, and she had died in her sleep. Personally, I think it was the excessive amount of frosting. But I believe that it was poisoned. Tree realizes Lori is her true killer. Lori had poisoned the cupcake, but when Tree failed to eat it, Lori used her job as a nurse at the hospital to frame Tombs for Tree’s murder. Nurses…truly doing God’s work. Tree threatens to take the cupcake to the police, but Lori attacks her knowing that she had been caught. Lori admits to also having an affair with Dr. Butler, whose preference for Tree drove Lori mad with jealousy. Typical girl drama. In the ensuing fight, Tree stuffs the poisoned cupcake in Lori’s mouth, then kicks her out a second-story window to her death. “Eat it, Bitch!”

By the way…that is the same line I say to uninformed people when I have to shut them up with facts!

Movie Review: 'Happy Death Day'

At a restaurant, Tree and Carter muse over the day’s events and he offers her his room for the night. The next day, Tree wakes up believing she is still in the time loop, but Carter quickly reveals he was just playing a prank on her, and it is really the next day. Tree is too relieved to be angry at him, and the two kiss. I would’ve slapped the crap out of Carter for him knowing that this whole experience is suck fest for her.

The reason why I like this movie is the constant witty characters that take the sorority persona to an over-the-top visualization. Danielle is my favorite character for that reason. It also was a fun rendition of a whodunnit. It’s fun to try and piece together the details to try and figure out who the killer is before it is revealed. And why not twist a little “Groundhog Day” twist into the plot!

The Ending Of Happy Death Day Finally Explained - YouTube

Let’s hand out some awards!

The Haunted Hunk award goes to Dr. Gregory Butler…duh! He is the doctor I would love to have take care of me! He is also mysterious and there was a slight hunch you would get that he could’ve been the babyface killer.

The Killer Slay Award-aka best kill- will go to Tree when she was killed the second time in the pleasure dome. It was more than just a basic stab with a simple weapon. Comparing her other deaths to this one, this one was a little more drawn out. I’m also going to throw in the frat boy moron that was killed behind her back, because let’s face it…he deserved it.

The Basic Beheading Award-aka worse kill- will go to Tree when she got hit over the head with a baseball bat. It was quick and uneventful.

Rating- 8.5 stars out of 10 ********

I can’t use a half asterisk for this…

I love the twist with the Groundhog Day references, and the characters were all committed to their roles. If I had to be a little critical, Lori’s motive could’ve been a little more of something. Jealousy with her dream affair is not enough to just go batshit crazy and kill your roommate. Why can’t people just settle their drama like adults? (HAHA!)

Other than that, it is a very entertaining movie, with comedic edge which I love and appreciate in my horror movies. I just felt like it could’ve used something a little more. I don’t know what exactly…

If you have seen or heard of this movie…comment below about what you like or dislike!

And there you have it! Another beatdown complete! I will be posting these recaps as often as I can! I will be at least doing these bi-weekly. You may be lucky enough to get them weekly. It will just depend on the workload with my writing. Next post, we will be taking a ride towards our next destination with “Terror Train”! If you don’t want to be spoiled…do your homework and watch it ahead of time, so that you follow along with my synopsis and understand the humor I attach to horror. If there is anything you would like for me to add in my beatdowns, have movie suggestions, or even have any feedback to give me, go to the “Contact” section of my website and shoot me an email.

Don’t take my comments or humor too seriously. After all…it’s just HORROR! And horror is sooo gay…right?

Until next time…keep slaying!

Whose the man? I’m the man!

Happy Sunday!
Today, I will briefly talk about a question that I’ve received since I came out over ten years ago that still gets asked regularly and hasn’t irritated me any less.
“So, are you the man or the woman?”
This question has many different meanings behind it. It derives typically from people who identify as straight, and additionally not aware of the LGBTQIA+ community. I always take a peaceful approach to the situation, as I am aware that some people don’t know the boundaries of what is okay to ask somebody like me. Here is my short answer:
“I’m a man.”
Usually, when this question is asked, it’s related to bedroom talk. Who is giving/who is receiving. The first point of my answer is what I would also tell people. It’s none of their business. What I choose to do behind my private life’s closed doors is only the business of myself and the person I choose to be with. People would then assume that if there were feminine qualities in a gay person, they would be considered the “woman” in their eyes. Again, most people are wrong.
It may come as a surprise to you, but gender has no right or wrong definition. Even the most butch or masculine people may be a little more on the submissive side. And even the more feminine individuals may have a preference to be more of the dominating type. I don’t want to go too much into detail since this is a conversation that can be had more personally, and I do have a lot of allies that I don’t want to make anybody feel uncomfortable with forcing bedroom talk.
Even in regards to just relationship structure, you may be surprised that what you assume their qualities would be translatable in how they handle themselves in a relationship. Don’t assume.
What I will leave with you is this. I am a man. I identify as one. I have male parts. I prefer he/him preferences. Who gives a hoot what my choice is. Just because they are not your idea of “normal,” meaning a straight couple, doesn’t make me less of a man. If you see somebody with a different gender identity or preferences, it doesn’t make them less of who they want to be. So I am going to cut to the chase and tell you an even shorter answer if you have any curiosity to this question if you know of somebody who identifies as LGBTQIA+:
“It’s none of your business. Stop asking.”

On a different subject, my debut novel, Cardinal Rules will be making its debut on March 12th. There will be an upcoming post with a summary of the plot and cover.
Keep yourself in tune with my blog by joining me every(sometimes every other) Thursday for my Horror Movie Beatdown, where I will be breaking down movies. I will summarize, humorize, and maybe even crystalize(not really) a select film from my gay point of view. Trust me. It will be a lot of fun!
Also, if you have any topics you want me to discuss on my Sunday posts, which tend to be on the more serious side of LGBTQIA+ issues, reach out to me in the “Contact” section of my website and drop an email on what you would like for me to talk about. I try not to go too deep into the talks…I’m just getting you all warmed up!
Stay horrific!

New Year. New Me!

I am taking a bit of a break for the holidays, so I will keep this post short and sweet.
The end of 2020 is almost here. It has been a long and tumultuous road for all of us. Among the personal challenges that I will not disclose to respect everybody’s opinions and viewpoints, I can highlight the main challenge that we all have faced was COVID-19. Maintaining social distancing and integrating aggressive hygenic habits to keep safe and healthy has been challenging. There is always a blessing in any troubling situation that you are faced with. It may be tough to look past the hardships to find any sort of blessings or silver linings. For me, the best gift was to sit back and reflect on my life. I tackled a bucket list item for me to write a book.
Before I went into fashion, I always wanted to be a writer. As a teenager, I would write many stories in hopes that they would become something bigger. I quickly gave up on that dream because I didn’t see myself as successful or developing any sort of a career out of it. I also had anxieties about finishing a story that people would like or appreciate. Over the summer, when I was typing the first draft of my manuscript, I faced those voices in my head with those same doubts. I kept questioning myself if this is something I should do or if people would take my writing seriously. The one thing I did for the first time in my life was believing in myself and this book’s vision. That voice counterbalancing the negative voices in my head was the reason I did this novel in the first place. I always wanted to show the people who look up to me that you can accomplish anything in your life if you believe in yourself. I know that it sounds a little Disney or fairy tale-esque, but it is a more challenging practice than they make it out in the movies. My commitment to this project brought out a more creative and resilient side of me that I never knew existed.
I am proud of myself for that lesson I’ve taught myself for 2020. I am thankful for the love and support I have received from the writing community, horror community, LGBTQIA community, and my close family and friends. I will never forget the love and support I have received through the emails since I started my journey. This is a commitment that I will be sticking to: by writing inspiring stories to hopefully influence a brighter tomorrow for the gay and weird kids that don’t feel like they have a place in this world.
Let’s put 2020 behind us, and feel proud of our accomplishments, and commit to allowing 2021 to better ourselves.

On a lighter note, stay tuned for updates on my debut novel, “Cardinal Rules.”

Also, please reach out to me if you have any topics you would like for me to discuss to allow this blog to elevate to the next level. I have other ideas on what I will add to my website, additionally from my weekly posts.

Thank you all for the love!