Movie Beatdown-Would You Rather

It’s time for your newly favorite day of the week! It’s Movie beatdown time! We will talk all things with horror movies and television. We will cover everything from slashers to slayers. Beheadings to bitches…I’ll talk about all of it!

This breakdown is “Would You Rather”. Now, the purpose of the beatdown is to dissect these movies, so if you don’t want the movie spoiled…don’t read the content below. This breakdown is like Wikipedia…just with more pee. You have been warned! If you don’t have time to watch the movie and would like a quick synopsis, then keep reading and let me tell you all about this movie from my gay eyes. It’s like a synop-sis!

Would You Rather is a 2012 American psychological horror-thriller film, directed by David Guy Levy and starring Brittany Snow and Jeffrey Combs. It is based on the party game “would you rather,” and centers on a woman named Iris as she attends a dinner party, where she must partake in life-threatening games to help her sick younger brother secure a donor after he contracts leukaemia. The film premiered at Screamfest 2012.

Without further ado…let’s get to the beatdown!

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Iris, a young woman played by Brittany Snow, from many of my favorite movies (“Pitch Perfect”, “John Tucker Must Die”, “Prom Night” remake. I loved growing up with her when she was on a little horse and pony of a tv show called “American Dreams”. If you can’t tell, I love Brittany Snow!), caring for her sick brother Raleigh, is unable to afford the costs of his treatment for leukaemia.

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She struggles with finding work to help pay for the costs since her parents both died in an accident, leaving her to drop out of college. Raleigh’s oncologist Dr. Barden introduces Iris to Shepard Lambrick, a philanthropist who offers her a deal: if she wins a parlour game at a dinner party he is hosting, he will pay for Raleigh’s treatment and locate a bone marrow donor for him without any waiting lists or complications. She was initially reluctant to partaking in the game. Suddenly, Dr. Barden has a commercial testimonial moment where he praises how it worked for him in his time of need. Blah blah blah, “If it could happen to me, it could happen to you!” crap.

would you rather | An Englishwoman in Salem

That evening, she prepares dinner for her brother speaking in broken ass French. I mean, she pronounced monsignor as Mon Sewer! She received another phone call that she didn’t qualify for a job she applied for. The next day, she makes the decision to go to Shepard’s manor to partake in the game. She tells her brother that she is going out with high school friends, like any normal family member would do…keeping secrets. She gets picked up in their vehicle, not even a limousine! Cheap Uber bastards! While on the way there, she has flashbacks of conversations with Raleigh about him feeling sorry for all of the medical and financial burden being thrusted onto her abruptly. She, like a good sister doesn’t show any sort of sorrow and is willing to help at whatever cost.

Once she arrives at the manor, Iris is escorted into the main room and introduced to his son Julian and the other contestants: Lucas; Travis, a war veteran; Linda, a paralyzed elderly woman; Peter, a gambling addict; Amy; Conway, an alcoholic debtor (played by John Heard, who was best known for playing everybody’s favorite dad in Home Alone, Peter McCallister) ; and Cal.

We cut back to Dr. Barden, who is pensively drinking a cocktail who reminisces on the conversation with Shepard where Shepard thinks that Iris is a perfect candidate, but Barden is reluctant to allowing an innocent girl like Iris to partake in the upcoming events. Before being summoned for dinner, the group is asked to give all personal belongings, which is a red flag right there! The group all complies, and are then escorted to the game.

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A steak and foie gras dinner is served for dinner. But Iris, a vegetarian, initially declines to eat it. Shepard then offers her $10,000 to compromise her principles; she reluctantly accepts his offer and eats the steak, not even with steak sauce. It was like a G-rated version of Fear Factor. When Shepard realizes Conway is a recovering alcoholic, which is expected since he raised a son that terrorized his home in order to keep the burglars away. he offers him $10,000 to drink a glass of wine. When Conway declines, Shepard offers him $50,000 to drink an entire decanter of Scotch, which Conway accepts.

Well, OBVIOUSLY, Participation is No Longer Voluntary.” | My Geek Blasphemy

After dinner ends, the game begins. Shepard reveals it to be a version of the party game “Would You Rather” in which players must choose between two options. He uses a simple example of asking one of the gentlemen if they would rather kiss Iris, or another male. Naturally, the guy said Iris. They weren’t forced to, but Linda assumed that they would have to kiss each other. Love her! Shepard continued to explain that the contestants had fifteen seconds to pick which one they would do, and if not on time they would be out. If they couldn’t complete the task, they would be out as well. Once the rules were fully explained, the group was given one last opportunity to leave without playing and in return would have no chance at a better life. Conway initially thought about leaving in his drunken stupor with his money, but then sat back down. I don’t know if it was based on desire to keep winning, or he was too drunk to stand. If it was me, I would drag my drunk ass out that door with 50,000 and make up the rest of my financial burdens with prostitution! But that’s just me. The group all decided to stay and play.

Would You Rather | SCREAMFEST

After Shepard’s butler, a former MI5 agent named Bevans, wheels in an electric shock machine, Conway attempts to leave but is shot dead, drunk and without the $50,000. Sad.

The Horror Club: Would You Rather? (2013)

The remaining contestants learn how serious and deadly the game is and recognize they can only win the game if they are the last surviving player. The first round is played by having two contestants connected to the shock machine, and one person decides whether they should shock themselves or the other person. Cal is first to give the shock to either himself or Amy. After fifteen seconds, he shocks himself. Amy gets a rise out of this, which irritated me. Amy is given the choice to shock herself or poor old Linda. Without hesitation she shocks Linda. I hate her. After Linda takes a while to come back to her senses, she is given the choice to either shock herself or Peter. Naturally, she chose Peter. The contestants take turns making the difficult decision, and the round ends with no one eliminated with Shepard getting a complete rise out of their suffering.

Review: 'Would You Rather' See This Movie, Or Make A Better Use Of Your Ten  Bucks? | IndieWire

It cuts to Dr. Barden grabbing a gun in his drawer and begins to drive away. It is revealed while Dr. Barden is driving that he had scars on his temples, indicating that he was a survivor of the game and endured the shock himself. The group is given a short break while they prepare their second round. They try to figure a way to escape. Julian walks in arrogantly as he messes with their heads. I normally don’t wish anything bad upon people. But since this is a movie character, I hope he gets Lou Gehrig’s! Travis steps in and tries to stand up for the group against Julian’s behavior. The butlers then wrap the area in plastic. Are they renovating? How exciting! Torture, AND décor! Dr. Barden finally arrives at the manor and sneaks in through a window.

The group reconvenes in the second round, where each contestant has 30 seconds to choose between stabbing someone in the thigh with an ice pick or whipping Travis (due to the bitchy pettiness of Julian telling his daddy like a five year old!) three times with a sjambok, which is an African whipping staff.

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Travis takes the role of the hero, being a military veteran and having the ability to endure pain. Ultimately, Travis is severely injured after allowing Iris, Lucas, and even taking the whip on his own turn. Julian smugly observes like a little sissy…again, Lou Gehrig’s.

JokesterWrites — Julian Lambrick x Reader (Julian playing his won...

Peter, knowing he won’t survive another lashing, stabs Linda in the leg assuming she is paralyzed and wouldn’t feel it, but he hits a femoral artery and she dies. Amy is given the choice to stab any player or whip Travis. She expresses that she is here to win, and only one can survive. She chooses to shank Iris in the side, prison style.

Manley's Movie Review — Would You Rather

I’m not a huge fan of her character, but I do understand her ruthlessness and understanding of their hostage situation, doing whatever she needs to do to win and survive. Travis dies soon after Cal has been given the choice to whip him, taking in Amy’s approach to the game, needing to eliminate everybody to win. And now we are down to five.

Lucas causes a distraction and everyone except Amy attempts to escape the room (teacher’s pet). Cal advances on Shepard with the sjambok as Lucas attacks the guards and Iris escapes. Naturally, Julian hides away from the violence like a wimp. After Shepard shoots and kills Cal, the others surrender. Shepard sends Bevans and Julian after Iris; Naturally, in any escape situation, Iris runs up the stairs instead of finding an exit on the main level or the basement. With a few minutes of cat and mouse, Iris eventually ends up in a lower level and tries to escape out a window. Julian finds her and attempts to rape her like the little bastard he is, but she stabs him with the ice pick. It’s not Lou Gehrig’s…but I will settle. Dr. Barden, who has had second thoughts about sending Iris to Shepard, breaks into the manor to save her. Before they can escape, Bevans kills Dr. Barden and escorts Iris back to the game by force. I guess we are now down to four!

The third round begins with each player having 30 seconds to choose to be submerged underwater in a barrel for two minutes, or an unknown task written on a card that is placed in front of them. Peter chooses a card using his gambling knowledge, which requires him to light a firecracker in his hand; when it explodes, it causes a heart attack, and he dies. That was definitely not a firecracker! It was a freakin’ stick of dynamite!

I was surprised to see Ricky in a shitty horror movie on Netflix (Would You  Rather) : trailerparkboys

They even used everybody’s most useful tool, duct tape, to fasten it to his hand. I would rather stick with the duct tape to tuck back in my drag days, or even to shut Julian’s god forsaken loudmouth over taping dynamite to my hand!  Lucas’ card forces him to slit open his own eyeball, or what I’m going to call “giving him eyeslashes!”.

Would You Rather | Netflix

He does so and survives. Iris chooses the barrel and survives (her unpicked card is revealed to have all her teeth extracted, which is still hot). During her submerging, she has a flashback of her brother talking about drowning which is very fitting for the occasion.

Kalypso Skitz

Amy then chooses her card and learns that she must be submerged underwater for four minutes, and she drowns without getting a proper breath. The ruthless one who was so committed to the game has lost valiantly. And now we are in the final round with our final two! How exciting!

With only Iris and Lucas in the final round, Iris is given the choice to either shoot and kill Lucas to win the game, or spare him, which would result in both walking away empty-handed. After some anticipation with Lucas talking about how they could leave together Iris abruptly shoots Lucas in the chest, killing him. Shepard crowns her the champion as the crowd goes wild. It was quite obnoxious that everybody was cheering while Iris breaks down naturally for killing a man.

Manley's Movie Review — Would You Rather

Shepard gives her a bag full of money and explains that a donor has already been located for her brother and they will do the procedure within a week. I wonder if she gets to walk away with all the other guests’ belongings. I mean, might as well grab a wallet! There might be a credit card, or a subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club!

When Iris arrives home, she showers off the blood, probably a little shame for all she had to do.  discovers Raleigh had committed suicide by overdosing on pills while she was out. She weeps at her dead brother’s side at the loss of her only remaining family and realizing that there was no point in her playing the game. That really bites!

Well, OBVIOUSLY, Participation is No Longer Voluntary.” | My Geek Blasphemy

The end!

So, I do like this movie. There is something to say about a situation that you are placed where you are at your lowest point, and you will need to do whatever it takes to better your life without selling your body on the street. The character differentiation was fairly solid, where there was a little bit of representation in every archetype. I will say that they could do a little bit better with those characters. I don’t know if I would personally do what they had to in order to survive. I just might do an OnlyFans page or something, and then commit to the game if that doesn’t work out…which it probably would. I mean…I’m no hottie!

Let’s hand out some awards!

The Haunted Hunk award will go to Travis. Nothing is hotter than a man that is willing to take a beating for complete strangers! Plus, he is into whipping, which might be a turn on for some members of the LGBT community!

The Killer Slay-aka best kill- will go to Travis as well. He most definitely had the most gruesome death. Being whipped twelve times to death. That is insane!

The Basic Beheading-aka worst kill- will go to Julian. It’s a little uncertain that he died in the movie. However, he was shanked in the thigh by Iris after attempting to rape her, and he was an arrogant prick with nothing to back up his cockiness. So, he is dead to me! Not only that, but they could’ve also made him dead to me better!

If you are looking for a more valid basic death, we will just go with Cal. He gets shot in the line of defense to try and help Iris escape. There you go…a more valid answer. I hope you are all happy!

Overall Rating 7/10 *******

I will say that by default that any movie with Brittany Snow will NEVER get a bad rating! Sue me. She can play a final girl very well! I think she can portray innocence and grit, which is are two of my favorite qualities in a final girl. She should be in more horror movies! I do like where the story as a whole went. I was sad for Iris to lose her brother after working hard to save him. I didn’t give the rating low for that reason. I did more for the portrayal of certain characters. I also thought that this movie was like “Diet Saw,” meaning it was a lighter torture porn version of what you would get out of Saw, and I like that. Sometimes I just can’t handle a fully caffeinated beverage.

And there you have it! Another beatdown complete! I will be posting these recaps as often as I can! I will be at least doing these bi-weekly. You may be lucky enough to get them weekly. It will just depend on the workload with my writing. Next post, I will be expressing my love and affection for all you readers and your commitment to my blog. I can’t give you all chocolates, but I can give you a beatdown of the very romantically horrific movie from 2001’s “Valentine”! If you don’t want to be spoiled…do your homework and watch it ahead of time, so that you follow along with my synopsis and understand the humor I attach to horror. If there is anything you would like for me to add in my beatdowns, have movie suggestions, or even have any feedback to give me, go to the “Contact” section of my website and shoot me an email.

Don’t take my comments or humor too seriously. After all…it’s just HORROR! And horror is sooo gay…right?

Until next time…keep slaying!

Movie Beatdown-The House on Sorority Row

This is a new series of the blog that will be Movie beatdown! We will talk all things with horror movies and television. We will cover everything from slashers to slayers. Beheadings to bitches…I’ll talk about all of it!

This breakdown is going to be one of my favorite horror films of all time, “The House on Sorority Row.” Now, the purpose of the beatdown is to dissect these movies, so if you don’t want the movie spoiled…don’t read the content below. This breakdown is like Wikipedia…just with more pee. You have been warned! If you don’t have time to watch the movie and would like a quick synopsis, then keep reading and let me tell you all about this movie from my gay eyes. It’s like a synop-sis!

The House on Sorority Row (also known as House of Evil in the United Kingdom) is a 1982 American slasher film written and directed by Mark Rosman, produced by John G. Clark, and starring Eileen Davidson and Kathryn McNeil. It was released in 1982. It didn’t make too much in the box office but has later developed a cult following and has been labeled as one of the greatest slasher films of all time. This movie is a staple in my collection. I watch this movie a lot, especially when I am feeling under the weather.

Without further ado…let’s get to the beatdown!

of a Vintage Movie Projector. Projection Rays by KinoMaster | VideoHive

We start the movie with everybody’s favorite horror cliché… “A dark and stormy night.”

The filter of the flashback is heavily blue, since they didn’t want to pay the extra money to hire younger versions of the characters. They had to make the old lady appear young with the excessive blurry blue filter. Trust me, you are not fooling anybody! After one stressful minute of labor pains (which is normal for delivery, right?), she was asking the doctor if she could see her baby. The doctor apologized for a terrible problem. It cuts to her doing another lovely movie cliché…the helpless cry in terror of “NO!!!!!”

Then we cut to the introduction music on a summer afternoon sounding like lovely flute music with a touch of Panic at the Disco. Trust me…if you watch this movie, you will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

The House on Sorority Row | Forgotten Films

Seven sorority sisters – Katey, Vicki, Liz, Jeanie, Diane, Morgan, and Stevie – celebrate their graduation ceremony at their sorority house, located at the far end of a sorority row. Katherine, the main character played by Kathryn McNeil starts to pack her belongings with her mother, struggling to figure out what she wants to do with her life. No time like the present to figure that out after pulling your hair out with four years of college! She was convinced to stay by the villain-esque character, Vicki who is played by Eileen Davidson, who later went on to play in your favorite cheesy daytime soap operas. The girls needed help to set up their graduation party at the sorority house.

Their celebration is interrupted by their domineering house mother, Mrs. Slater, who denies the girls’ plan to throw a graduation party. The girls, led by Vicki—scorned because Slater slashed her waterbed(which, by the way…who brings a waterbed to a sorority house?!) when Vicki covertly brought a boyfriend into the sorority house—devise a prank: They steal her walking cane and place it in the house’s unused outdoor pool and force her at gunpoint to retrieve it.

The House on Sorority Row (1982) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

The prank goes according to plan at first with blanks being fired to trick her do go into their disgusting pool that Mrs. Slater never had cleaned in years…I’d rather swim in a septic system than the water that was in that pool. It eventually went awry when Vicki inadvertently shoots Slater since there was one bullet with the blanks, who appears to be dead. The girls agree to hide the body in the pool until their party ends, though Katey and Jeanie are reluctant. This part was a ‘wtf?’ moment because they just wrap her in towels and blankets, which with science…makes anything sink in water!

At the party, we are starting off with a band playing groovy music, which is one of my favorite things with a classic horror movie…dancing montage! Then we cut to an unidentified figure stabs a random man walking in the woods with Slater’s cane through his neck killing him instantly. Meanwhile, after finding guests attempting to enter the pool where drunken guys try to throw girls in…classy! Once they break up the shenanigans, the girls realize that if the pool lights turn on, Slater’s body will be revealed. Vicki asks Stevie goes into the basement to disable the breaker, where she is brutally stabbed to death by the killer, only showing the shadow silhouettes of the murder. Very convincing! Later, the pool lights come on much to the girls’ alarm after three boys try to jump in the *cough* clean pool water in their tighty whiteys, but Slater’s body is nowhere to be found. GASP!

House On Sorority Row, The (1983) – BLEEDING SKULL!

Deciding that Slater must be alive, the girls begin searching for her after the party comes to a close. Morgan enters Slater’s room where Slater’s body falls on her from the attic hatch. She blacks out and awakens to getting water in order to awaken her. With the drunken persona that she plays, she wishes for something stronger, like most sorority party girls. Overwhelmed by the attack by the randomly placed body, Morgan runs to her room to be left alone.

THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (1983) Reviews and overview -

Vicki suggests hiding the body in the old cemetery, Katey was the only one who objected to the plan and wanted to call the police…like any rational human being would do. The other girls take the body outside without Katey’s assistance and against her wishes. In the attic, Katey discovers children’s toys and a dead caged bird. It looked just like a very qualified place to trust your children for daycare if you ask me! We cut to Morgan, who *surprise* was having her nighttime beverage before subsequently stabbed with Slater’s cane from behind in her bedroom as she became distracted and somewhat amused with the jack in the box that appeared on her balcony. Katey finds the jack in the box later and noticed a life-sized costume of the jester looking eerily accurate to the toy.

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Diane goes to an outlying garage to start the van to transport Slater’s body, but is murdered by the killer who breaks in through the sunroof, being stabbed repeatedly in her hand as it cuts away to her constantly screaming.

THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (1983) Reviews and overview -

Shortly after, Jeanie who is played by Robin Meloy, was keeping watch for anybody who would catch them transferring a body, was suddenly attacked by the killer. She runs to safety in the house and finds Katey, tells her that Mrs. Slater’s cane attacked her. Katey runs to find help under the impression that Mrs. Slater is still alive and on a rampage, while the killer breaks in and causes a funny chase scene with Jeanie…because when you are running for dear life, you twirl constantly as you find a place to hide, and repeatedly fall to the floor like a moron! She runs into the bathroom to hide in a stall. Luckily, the person before her flushed so there was no additional worry of being murdered next to poo! Showers begin to get turned on, causing a hot and steamy scene (wait…wrong genre…this isn’t romantic…I don’t know why the killer did this!). The killer breaks into the stall and pins Jeanie to the wall and uses her knife to decapitate her.

The House on Sorority Row (1983) - ALL HORROR

Meanwhile, Katey finds a medical alert tag on a necklace belonging to Slater that fell to the ground when Jeanie was attacked. She calls the number and is put through to a Dr. Beck, who comes to the house. Reluctant, to telling him the truth, she conceals the truth and only went looking for answers. The two later discover the bodies of Stevie, Morgan, and Diane in the pool. It looked like Hannibal Lector’s dream soup!

Grindhouse Weekly: THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (1983) | Film Pulse

She then reveals the sisters’ secret of Mrs. Slater’s accident. Meanwhile, after finding Diane missing, Vicki and Liz decide to drive to the cemetery without her to bury Slater’s body. When they arrive, both girls are killed by the assailant. Liz’s throat was slashed by the cane from behind as she attempted to pull the van closer to the hole at the graveyard that they dug. Well, at least they know that they didn’t need a college degree to become gravediggers! Vicki was stabbed repeatedly by the assailant after discovering Liz’s body. Dr. Beck accompanies Katey to the cemetery, where they find the bodies of Vicki and Liz, as well as Slater’s body still in the back of the van.

THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (1983) Reviews and overview -

The two arrive back at the house, with no police in sight after being promised by Dr. Beck that he contacted them. He forcibly gave Katey a sedative at the house…not a COVID vaccine. Dr. Beck reveals that Slater had a son named Eric who was deformed and mentally underdeveloped thanks to an illegal fertility treatment he had given her, and that he probably witnessed the girls kill Mrs. Slater. Dr. Beck uses Katey as bait so he can capture Eric and cover up his crime. He forces her to sit in order to lure Eric towards her in order for Dr. Beck to tranquilize him. She hallucinates some pretty knarly visions of her sorority sisters dancing…one of the side effects of a COVID vaccine (maybe he did give her one. I mean, she is ESSENTIAL to the storyline!). I want what she has! It looks like some crazy stuff!

The House on Sorority Row (1983) Review |BasementRejects

Once distracted, Katey manages to run away to hide, while completely drugged up. Eric arrives and hacks Dr. Beck to death while Katey searches for Vicki’s gun, which does not fire. She flees to the bathroom and finds Jeanie’s severed head in the toilet. She gave this funny expression as if she didn’t remember eating that! It wasn’t Taco Bell!

Retro Nightmares] Revisiting Bloody Slasher 'The House on Sorority Row' -  Bloody Disgusting

Horrified, she climbs to the attic to prepare to defend herself. She hallucinates again in her state of panic, before being attacked by Eric, now wearing the clown costume.

The House on Sorority Row – Really Awful Movies

She shoots at him repeatedly…missing him at only five feet away. Not only is she not socially distancing…but she is a terrible shot! Just kidding…the gun was still loaded with blanks. She knocks over Eric’s toys, distracting him, then uses a pin attached to a doll to stab Eric numerous times and he falls through the attic door to the floor below. Katey believes he is dead and rests from exhaustion. However, Eric opens his eyes as the film ends, leaving Katey’s fate unknown. Then we cut to end credits where we once again hear the lovely Panic at the Disco flute music. That crap will never leave my head!

The House on Sorority Row (1983) - Ending (Clown Scene) - YouTube

The reason why I love this movie so much is the cliches that although some people may not like…I do! I also love the character archetypes of the reasonable protagonist, the drunk, the rebel, and the followers.

Now, lets get to the handout of awards!

The Haunted Hunk award goes to Peter! I didn’t mention him at all in my review, since he wasn’t really in the movie. This film predominately featured the sorority sisters. Any of the male characters only had minutes of airtime…so Peter by default wins. He was pursuing Katey as she kept becoming distant with her hunches that something wrong was happening throughout the movie. He appears drunk during most of the film as he keeps trying to pursue Katey, and then later distracts Dr. Beck when trying to capture Eric. So, you win this time Peter!

The Killer Slay award-aka best kill-is going to go to Jeanie! She died the most gruesome death, and the scene was set up to be hot and dangerous!(que the Ke$ha song!).

The Basic Beheading award-aka worst kill- is going to Diane! I personally love Diane’s character in the movie. She was witty and smoked a good chunk of the time. Since all you see is her hand being stabbed and then her screaming like a chicken…I have to give it to her. Come on, Diane! Die better!

Rating 9/10 *********

I would give this movie ten stars if the quality of kills was a little more thought out. I do give high remarks due to the commitment of the character acting. There weren’t really too many duds of actors where you are like, “really? You casted them to play the role?!”. The only character they could’ve casted better was Morgan. She was unconvincing as a drunk, and you could barely understand the four lines they gave her when she wasn’t caressing a bottle. I do love the cheesy death scenes in movies, and I am forgiving of the quality of deaths. After all…this is 1982! You can only work with what you got!

If you have seen or heard of this movie…comment below about what you like or dislike!

That is all for the first beatdown! Hopefully you enjoyed my gay AF review. I will be posting these recaps as often as I can! I will be at least doing these bi-weekly. You may be lucky enough to get them weekly. It will just depend on the workload with my writing. Next post, we will be dissecting “Happy Death Day”! If you don’t want to be spoiled…do your homework and watch it ahead of time, so that you follow along with my synopsis and understand the humor I attach to horror. If there is anything you would like for me to add in my beatdowns, have movie suggestions, or even have any feedback to give me, go to the “Contact” section of my website and shoot me an email.

Don’t take my comments or humor too seriously. After all…it’s just HORROR! And horror is sooo gay…right?

Until next time…keep slaying!