The end of May approaches, and college is done for the spring semester. Professors prepare for their summer courses while students go home to their families for a much-needed break. Everybody except for DJ, who decides to stay behind and reflect on his damaged history with his abusive father and the recent loss of his mother. It wasn’t until his very close friend Aurora invites him to go with her for a getaway at her hometown’s gay pride party to live it up for the weekend. With reluctance towards the LGBTQ+ community, he decides to go. He invites his sister, Sierra, along with her friends, Greg and Justin to join them for a fun-filled weekend that they would never forget.

At first, DJ has a great time making new friends and getting involved with a community that he was apprehensive about being a part of since he began living fully as his authentic self. His adventures were quickly soiled by a stalker lurking around to torment him. It’s not just any old stalker.

It’s a cardinal!

One by one, patrons go missing at the hands of the deranged killer. Can DJ save himself and his acquaintances before the masked cardinal takes their lives? Will this pride be canceled from all of the mysterious murders?

Cardinal Rules is a twist between ’80s and ’90s slasher horror and the LGBTQ+ community, filled with blood, gore, and a little glitter. It’s time to put pride back in murder!

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