My apologies to everybody who has been regularly following my blog content. I have taken a few weeks off from blogging to focus on my mental health.

On that topic, I want to touch on the importance of mental health. For me, I am working in a field where it is mentally taxing. Adding COVID-19 onto that has been mentally tough on me. I have also been working hard on the first draft of my second novel. With trying to put my life experiences into these works, I had to dig deep into a place where I had to relive the trauma I dealt with, challenging all on its own. As much as I’ve forgiven the people who have caused this pain from these experiences, it is still tough to relive it. It feels as though you take the healed wound and cut right back into the place that was hurting the most and inflicting pain on the area you spent so much time and energy into healing. With all of this, plus seasonal depression and trying my best, I struggle to make time for myself and a consistent time to write my books.

After much reflection, I will still be posting my movie beatdowns regularly. However, my content that is intended to be educational will no longer be posted every Sunday. Instead, it will be posted when a post develops. I need to dedicate my time to what matters, which is taking time for myself and continuing to work on my novels. I have been dealing with a lot of writer’s block. Not because I have no ideas on where to take the story further. I am just feeling unmotivated due to my hectic day job and my inability to go outside and exercise/take in the fresh air.

Mental health is essential to me, and I will be discussing it further in a future post, I’m sure of it. I just want you all to know that I am so blessed and grateful to have a fanbase full of readers who appreciate my mission to put the gay in horror. I will continue to do that, but I will be doing it in a way where I’m not biting off more than I can chew. My main goal is to write books so that I could eventually make a career out of it so that I can develop the time to post weekly content for you all and provide educational and informative content to this blog continuously. I do apologize if this comes as a disappointment to you, if you look forward to my more serious content on Sundays. I hope you at least understand that it is more about my mental health, and less about neglecting you all.

Thank you all for the love and support! Your letters of encouragement and support have meant so much to me. More than anybody will understand. I promise that my movie beatdowns will keep you all entertained and hopefully laugh in these challenging times. I will continue to work my butt off!

Stay safe, and have a great week!

Also, my debut novel “Cardinal Rules” is out for preorder! Go to the Books tab, and order your copy for my release in March 12th…which is coming up soon! I will let you know that when I decided to start writing my novels, I made a commitment to highlight the true horrors of society and twist it with the classic slasher elements. “Cardinal Rules” will briefly include the topic of racism in this story, so preorder your copy today!

Cardinal Rules

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