Hello everybody!
It is Christmas time! That means gift shopping, hectic meal prepping and cleaning, cheesy holiday movies on television, and most importantly,…family time.
On the topic of family, some people, regardless of who they identify as, don’t have close contact with their blood relatives. That could either be by choice of the individual or the family member. They could’ve had a disagreement about an opinion or just who that person is in general. In other cases, it could be the unfortunate circumstance that the family member is no longer alive, and they have passed on. Regardless of the status, I’m going to touch lightly today on the importance of family values.
Now, I was blessed to have most of my family embrace me for who I am at the minimum level of respect. I will admit that some of my family don’t see eye to eye with me due to other personal issues that I will not disclose on this blog (that is for me and them to settle on our terms). I find it difficult for these people to see where I’m coming from as a person, aside from being LGBTQIA+. It’s a tough pill to swallow that the disagreements that we do have are not empathized from my perspective because these family members are straight. I don’t fault them…it’s just the reality of the situation.
RuPaul once said in an episode of Drag Race:
“We as gay people, we get to choose our families.”
That quote has a massive amount of accuracy.
Ever since I’ve been an adult, I have encountered friends and colleagues that embrace my unique self and look past any flaws. They also take the time to understand where I’m coming from as an LGBTQIA+ person. I have been very fortunate to surround myself with all of the love and positivity that, at times, my blood relatives are unable to fulfill. For those who know me personally, I am a very loyal friend. I have the backs until the very end with those who have mine. We hang out; we laugh, sometimes cry…you get the picture. I wouldn’t be here today without the support of those special people in my life. And if you are one of those people reading this passage, I want to say that I can’t thank you enough!
Suppose you are somebody who has been disowned by your family. I know there are individuals out there that are unfortunate. My heart breaks for you. I genuinely hope that you have at least that one friend or colleague out there that unconditionally loves and cares for you. And I hope that there will be one day where your family notices the authentically fantastic person you have become and feels sorry for the successes you have accomplished without their support. You are loved! If you know somebody who is dealing with these struggles, reach out to them. Tell them that they are cared for and that their existence is valued. You never know that the person you work with may be struggling with their personal life, especially in these dark times.
Happy holidays from my writing corner! Be safe! Be merry! And most importantly,…be loving!
I want to underscore what I said before…I’m not saying my blood family is horrible. I’m just saying that I’m lucky to have the chosen family that I have to help assist when the blood family cannot be there for me in my times of need.
Also, I want to apologize for my short post this week. I have been putting the finishing touches on the manuscript for my debut novel. I am 99% done! Details will be released in the coming weeks with title, plot summary, release date, cover, etc.
Very exciting things are coming up!

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