This question has resonated in my mind since I started writing my novel in July. What began as a “bucket list” task has turned into a transformation of my long-term goal. Ever since I was into horror movies, it was unbelievably rare to find a character that I could identify with. Slasher movies and books rarely include people from the LGBTQ+ community. If it did, they were showcased minimally or as a stereotype. Due to that, I could only identify with the final girl. What started as one idea for a novel has transformed into an idea for a series. My books will include issues within the community and everyday society that I, as an openly gay man, have experienced/witnessed that needs to be brought into the light. Some of these issues may make my readers feel uncomfortable, but in order for conversations to happen and change to occur, some eggs need to be cracked. Disruption is the key to change. My goal is to take the entertainment of cheesy 1980s and 1990s horror movies and mix it with LGBTQ+ issues to make it relatable for everyone. I may not make the money I hope for with my work or develop the success I’ve dreamed of, but what is important is to leave behind a legacy—a legacy of experiences that I want to share with the world that currently is hurting. My dream is to give hope to the kids that may not feel loved or welcome or appreciated and help them identify with the characters I create on the page as I write. Since I started my writing transition, I have received a vast amount of love and support from the writing and LGBTQA+ community. It is humbling and surreal to have this journey become so fulfilling!

On a lighter note, I also believe that gay people deserve to be killed off by a masked serial killer too! I’m an equal opportunity murder writer! 😂😂

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