My name is Brady Phoenix, and I am soon to become a self-published author! What began as a bucket list project back in the summer has sparked a passion for telling stories from my point of view. I started writing my debut novel in July 2020 and soon after came a dedication to publish my creative mind. As somebody who identifies as LGBTQA+, I have witnessed/experienced a heap of issues that most community members face. Taking those experiences and molding it with my love of classic horror movies, I intend on redefining the horror genre with characters within the community(I mean, everybody deserves to be chased down by a masked serial killer…right?). With this blog, I will share posts, including my writing journey and my deep love for the horror genre in writing and television. I also want to educate people who identify as both straight and LGBTQA+ with issues that we face daily.

I am excited to build a new family of supporters and readers that share the same passions as I do! Let’s put the gore back in gorgeous! Let’s sprinkle some glitter on a puddle of blood! And most importantly, let’s splash some pride into death!

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